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I have been taking photos all my life. It wasn't until the birth of each of my children that I realized the importance photography has for me when trying to preserving time. I wanted to freeze the event to remember every detail - from the mundane to milestones. I chose to study and perfect my photography skills so that I may help other families do the exact same. I believe that it is my passion as a mother and photographer that allows me to capture the little moments "in between", - the way life is at that precise moment.

Capture those little details and special expressions from the very beginning through every milestone.

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The Gold Hope Project

Special limited edition themed sessions and "mini" holiday  sessions throughout the year.  Costumes & props available. Watch this page!


Family portraits and in-home storytelling - lifestyle photography that captures your family and memories of everyday life.

Spectrum Inspired Autism Awareness

Celebrate with a totally customized experience. Got a theme, favorite toy or book - no problem! Access to studio wardrobe available.

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Includes: State College, PA, Centre County & Special Arrangement

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